Reasons you should attend WebMUN 2019

1. Be part of the revolution!

WebMUN's slogan is "Revolutionizing MUNs". We aim to organise innovative, interactive MUN conferences. WebMUN is the inventor of the Interconnectivity system and the Diplomatic Corps Committee. Not only are we innovative ourselves, we listen to our delegates and if you have a great idea on how to make MUN Conferences even more realistic, just email us! 

2. Amazing social events!

On top of our innovative conference experience, we also organise a unique social program which includes a traditional Austrian dinner (Yes, paid by us!), club & bar night and an exclusive closing ceremony with champagne, a free guided tour through Vienna, the United Nations or OPEC and Hors d'oeuvres.

3. Meet people from all over the world!

Students from 55 different countries have attend our last conferences!

4. Learn new skills and BE CHALLENGED LIKE NEVER BEFORE!

Whether its public speaking, video editing, journalistic writing or diplomatic negotiations, at WebMUN you are guaranteed to learn something new!

6. Best value for price!

With only a 75€ delegate fee, WebMUN is one of the most cost-effective conferences in Europe. Our talented finance and sponsoring team has successfully gained sponsors and arranged for special deals for our delegates and thus we are able to offer this 3 day conference at such a low price. 

7. Try something new!

You've attended 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 or more conferences? 

Are you bored of the same repetitive committee sessions? 

GOOD NEWS: At WebMUN you can try something new! Sign up to one of our revolutionary committees such as the press and the diplomatic corps committee. Still not exciting? Join our team as a chair or a member of the crisis team!

8. Visit Vienna! 

Vienna has been chosen by International consulting firm Mercer as the world's most liveable city 5 years in a row!