When? 13th - 16th October 2017

Where? Webster University Vienna

Costs: 75 €

            65 € for Webster University Students (Worldwide)

Note: Participation Fee non-refundable

Application start: April 1st, 2017

Deadline: September. 23th, 2017

Late registration: Oct. 12th, 2017


WebMUN's slogan is 'Revolutionizing Model UNs,' and that is the aim of every WebMUN conference.

The 2017 Conference will consist of 6 interconnected committees:

  • UN Security Council
  • European Council
  • OPEC
  • Press Committee
  • Diplomatic Corps

The WebMUN Experience

  • Innovative between-committee communication
  • Opening ceremony with keynote speaker
  • Coffee & snacks included
  • Social events (see below)
  • Participation Certificate
  • Wide range of awards 
  • Visit one of Europe's most beautiful cities
  • Visit OPEC or the United Nations
  • Meet students from all over the world


The sustainable development goals

Why WebMUN?

  • Dedicated to energy, resource scarcity and geopolitical issues

  • Crisis simulations

  • Interconnectivity

  • Press Committees

What is Interconnectivity?

WebMUN is the inventor of the interconnectivity sessions, which has been a tremendous success, imitated by other conferences worldwide.  This is how it works: The composition of countries in the committees is similar, thus a country is represented in several committees. The delegates representing these countries will then meet to discuss and co-ordinate their efforts and policies.

Together with their fellow representatives of their country, delegates can also meet with other countries to make alliances. 

In between sessions of the committees, delegates will meet in interconnectivity meetings with fellow delegates representing the same country. In these 15 minute sessions the delegates will have the chance to coordinate their efforts and better achieve an outcome favorable to their state.

Delegates can also keep in touch via e-mail, Facebook or any other methods of communication as long as this does not disrupt the sessions. 


Social events

WebMUN 2017 is not just about academics and politics, but also about meeting an international crowd and having a great time in an amazing city!