by Euronews

The International Criminal Court (ICC) has announced today that it has formally requested the extradition of Omar Al-Bashir, should he enter Austria for the meeting of the African Union at the WebMUN summit, which is taking place at the historic Palais Wenkheim in Vienna's second district.

The International Criminal Court indicted Omar Al-Bashir in 2009 for war crimes and crimes against humanity. In 2010, a second warrant was issued for three counts of genocide committed against the Fur, Masalit and Zaghawa ethnic groups.

The ICC has no police force of its own to track down and arrest suspects. Instead it must rely on national police services to make arrests and seek their transfer to The Hague.

The court's decision has been met with huge opposition by the African Union, League of Arab States, the non-aligned movement and by China and Russia. 

A statement released by the African Union on behalf of President Robert Mugabe read: "The African Union condemns the International Criminal Court on violating the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations. The African Union will decide in the course of the day wether to cancel their meeting at WebMUN 2015"

The Austrian Interior Ministry confirmed the ICC arrest warrant and has said it will comply: "The Republic of Austria intends to comply with the ICC arrest warrant for Omar Al-Bashir and the Minister of the Interior has instructed border police at the Vienna International Airport to arrest the suspect on his arrival in Vienna."