By Al Mukhtar Al Lawati


UNSC has published a resolution dated October 21st, 2014 summed up and containing the following:


  • Condemnation of all entities funding terrorist organizations such as ISIS, ANF, and Al-Qaeda

  • Expression of concern and alarm at ISIL’s advances

  • Recognition of ISIL as a terrorist organization

  • ISIL has violated a myriad of international laws

  • Terrorism is not to be associated with any group of people nominally

  • Recognition of Iraq’s request of aid from International community

  • Recognition of OPEC’s influence and effect on ISIL’s attempts to exploit the global oil market in order to fund their terrorist activities

  • Reiteration that the presence of foreign troops in Iraq would endanger regional stability and would improve ISIL’s recruitment capabilities

  • Condemnation of Iraq’s and Iran’s unilateral moves to combat ISIL without informing the UNSC

  • Authorizing any combat troops that the UNSC authorizes to fight ISIL, including the Iraq army to destroy ISIL-held infrastructure, especially oil infrastructure

  • authorization of support to Iraqi entities, including Peshmerga fighters, to fight ISIL.

  • Consent of Iraq has to be acquired through all actions taken to combat ISIL

  • Calling upon Arab countries to cooperate in the international fight against ISIL