In a recent statement, the Security Council expresses its deep concern about the actions taken by Iraq's administration. They stress the importance of international coordination and law adherence, which seems to have been violated during recent developments.

The Permanent Members of the Security Council,

Listed as: The People’s Republic of China, France, the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom of 

Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the United States of America,

Guided by the belief that States shall not venture to take unilateral actions in the conduct of their 

international relations but instead shall deal with security threats through the United Nations 

Security Council,

Applauding the fight of the international community against the ISIL terrorist organisation stressing 

further that this fight happened primarily to address the national security concerns of the Republic 

of Iraq, in full coordination and at the request of the Iraqi government,

Believing that the government of Iraq should respect the efforts of the international community and 

the United Nations Security Council in addressing the threats to its national security,

1. Condemn the actions of the Republic of Iraq that occurred in the absence of any coordination 

with any organ of the United Nations especially with the Security Council,

a. noting that the government of Iraq has asked the international community to provide assistance 

in its effort to combat the ISIL terrorist organisation and has received military as well as 

humanitarian assistance from a vast majority of the members of the Security Council,

b. recalling that the stance of the Iraqi government throughout this crisis has been to reject any 

notion of the presence of foreign combat troops and its repeated statements that such a presence 

would be regarded as a breach of its sovereignty,

c. emphasising that the Security Council has not passed a resolution permitting the use of ground 

troops by any foreign nation inside the internationally recognised borders of the Republic of 

Iraq exactly due to the facts outlined in sub-clause b;

2. Emphasise that the interests as well as the common security of the international community are 

threatened by the actions taken by the Iraqi government due to the fact that they were not in 

coordination with the United Nations or of the government of any nation currently providing 

assistance to the government of Iraq, noting that such interests are well-founded given the fact that 

the international community led by the Security Council has devoted so many resources of a 

military as well as a financial nature to the fight against ISIL at the request of the Iraqi government;

3. Notes that Member States of the Security Council reserve the right in the absence of corrective 

action to be taken by the Iraqi government to,

a. the termination of military assistance provided in the fight against ISIL,

b. the halting of all humanitarian assistance provided to the Iraqi government,

c. impose economic as well as financial sanctions on those nations and persons they believe to be 

at fault for the breakdown in coordination between the Security Council and Iraq.