By Erik Da Silva

The Iraqi government proves to be irresponsible and untrustworthy, as it asked its neighbour states to military intervene in its own territory in order to fight ISIS, without consulting any great nation. While the international community led by the United States was finding a solution against the ISIS crisis, the states in question were plotting to take advantage of the situation.

Iran and UAE have troops invading Iraq whilst Qatar and Kuwait are financing them. It seems that Iran wants to dominate the Shia part of the country while the UAE is probably going to annex the Sunni part. The opportunism of the rest of OPEC is revealed as they just increased the oil price, even though the international community is fighting ISIS.

Is there an Islamic plot to destroy international peace? What is the true difference between the Islamic state and a coalition of Islamic countries invading a weak democracy, for whom American lives were lost? In the end, the weapons and humanitarian aid sent by the United Nations are used against our values.

Once again, chaos spreads throughout the world the United States do not intervene enough