By Anna Zvagulis

The GA passed the recent resolution regarding Millennium Development Goals with unanimous votes on October 21, 2014.

The Earth Charter Initiative expressed some reservations regarding the resolution. “The resolution does an excellent job of acknowledging the work already done by pre-existing organizations and pinpoints the issues regarding the energy crisis, the need for basic human rights and education,” says the ECI.

However the ECI criticizes that, “the one thing the resolution lacks is a concrete solution and for the most part, any actual suggestions in terms of how to combat the problems we face.”

The ECI is concerned that it won’t make any change, as it “doesn’t provide any solutions.” The ECI says while this deal was admirable and while a lot of effort was put into it, “the committee is attempting to do too much at once.

The ECI especially emphasizes that the resolution ”only gives a brief overview to issues such as gender equality and education, when these are issues that are big enough to get their own resolution.”