By Erik Da Silva

While the Iraqi soldiers moved up north in order to pick up the weapons sent by the international community, an enormous ISIS division attacked Baghdad which was guarded by 1000 american soldiers. Hundreds of American lives were tragically lost while defending the city.

While OPEC was blackmailing the international community into waging war by decreasing the oil quotas and the European council hesitated into participating completely to the ground operations, ISIS was preparing its troops and spread chaos up till Baghdad. Had the international community followed the American lead, American lives could have been saved and the city would not be in danger. Now 7 million lives are at stake. Meanwhile, ISIS announced it would kill the german military advisors unless a 30 million dollar ransom would be paid.

It is time for the international community to take their responsibilities. Europe needs to act. OPEC needs to participate to the war effort. The Obama administration needs to lead the world towards stability and democracy.