By Erik Da Silva

Scientists have proven that a mutation regarding malaria has taken place: malaria from Mexico is officially transferable through human contact. This disease is already spreading across the world. After the discovery that it spreads through human contact, the developed world is being contaminated, as the US and the United Kingdom detected several cases.

 The longer the wait, the more lives are put at risk. The developed countries need to protect themselves from the disease.

10 cases were also detected in the United Kingdom. Scientists suspect transmission has occurred because of Mexican migrants. Prime minister Mr. Cameron is talking about closing the border temporarily.

More cases of death in Mexico, the number reached 100.  The spread on Mexican territory is moving towards the south, reaching the city of Leon, only 386 km away from Mexico City.

As previously reported, cases of malaria have been detected in Texas Meanwhile, the spread in the United States continues towards the east, with cases of malaria showing up in New Orleans, Louisiana. Senator McCain urged the Obama administration to close the border in order to save American lives.