By Erik Da Silva

Given how half of the OPEC plans or is already financing ISIS to invade Iran, the latter told Fox news in an exclusive interview that the Islamic Republic is prepared to defend itself. According to Iran, China and Russia side with it in his fight against ISIS. It is also planning to discover who is behind this aggression and promises diplomatic and economic sanctions.

The irony of the situation is how two Islamic forces, ISIS and Iran, are at war. Both have the same project of imposing the Sharia and destroying the universal western model of democracy. The first one is a terrorist group; the other one finances Hezbollah and supports the Assad regime, two terrorist entities. Rivalries between those groups show how Islamism only leads to crude war. If the USA had not been fighting against Iran’s nuclear program, the apocalyptic situation would be even worse. America should, as always, take its responsibilities and stabilize the Middle East by promoting democracy.