By Erik Da Silva

OPEC voted a resolution decreasing oil production by 2 percent, in order to force the international community to wage complete war against ISIS. The european committee told the OPEC chairmen this was blackmail.

 Decreasing the production means increasing the prices. OPEC is abusing of the situation and wants to make money off the ISIS crisis. Such opportunism is shameful.

 Where OPEC is right, it is that the western intervention is not enough. ISIS is winning and rampaging over Iraq. Europe is still passive: Bulgaria says it can only offer ‘’moral support’’. Perhaps it would be better if it weren’t only American soldiers always dying for the security and freedom of Europe and the rest of the world. However, recent press releases spoke of a small handful of countries in favor of send troops against ISIS, but it remains to be seen whether they stand true to their words.

 OPEC says it is forcing EC countries to help them fight against isis. ‘’The rest of the world isn’t helping us’’ says the chairman, ignoring the intense efforts of the American army, helped more or less by France and the UK.

 The chairman declared that he expects ‘’the west to stop the original threat they created’’. Whereas Turkey has indeed funded ISIS, perhaps the chairmen forgets that the US have always supported the democratic and moderate opposition against Assad and is now intervening in Iraq to stop ISIS from spreading.