By Philipp Grüll

The European Council just published their new conclusion. It regards the current developments in the middle east.

The European Council is deeply concerned about recent events occured in the Middle East.
Therefore, the European Council came to the following conclusions.
European Council's reaction to the current crisis in Iraq and Syria
1 Condemnation. The European Council strongly condemns the activities of ISIS.
2 Negotiations. The European Council further condemns any actions initiating negotiations with ISIS.
3 International Coalition forces. The European Council welcomes the efforts of the US-led
Coalition regarding the situation in Iraq and Syria.
4 Security Council. The European Council fully supports the United Nations Security Council and trusts that the UNSC will adopt a resolution containing decisive and effective actions against ISIS.
5 International law. The European Council proclaims that the European Union is willing to assist Iraq in its fight against ISIS in full compliance with international law.