By Anna Zvagulis

The GA is still debating the malaria outbreak, which is spreading rapidly. The Earth Charter Initiative indicates that “currently delegates are attempting to create an effective resolution on the malaria crisis.”

The delegation of Mexico claims “the current crisis in Mexico is being dealt with through a possible coalition with over 10 nations.”

The aim of the coalition is “financial aid, the introduction of mosquito nets,” says Mexico, also reminding delegates that “first we have to find the cause.” Austria strongly agrees with India to have a lockdown on Mexico as one of the ways to stop the spread of malaria. 

China supports the international initiative to help Mexico, however, “it cannot take part [in the coalition] as its already involved in helping other states such as Brazil, South Africa and India.” Furthermore, China recognizes the USA’s influence in the zone and “does not want to interfere with American policies.” 

Another pressing issue to be discussed is the question of tourists in affected regions. Mexico is suggesting a medical examination before leaving the country, but the UK disagrees that “they must remain in quarantine.”

Austria mentions that helping these nations “will have a great financial impact,” however questions if “we really want to risk more countries getting infected by malaria?” 

The Earth Charter Initiative is hopeful that “this is a great step up from what the nations were doing before” and that “it is fully possible to combat and to solve the malaria crisis if swift and decisive action is taken.”