By Erik Da Silva

Malaria crisis is getting more severe. The Mexican state does not seem to be capable of controlling the situation and limiting the spread of the disease. Scientists have been researching that there might be a possibility of mutation taking place, leading to infection through human contact. American lives are at stake. Further action must be taken immediately in order to stop this epidemic of escalating.

With 10 cases of deaths of Mexicans, the Mexican state failed its mission of protect its citizens. Immigrants are the major risk for America. The borders are a contagious zone and the US needs to put Mexico in quarantine. Mosquito nests have already been spotted in southern parts of Texas, coming from Coahuila. According to scientists, the temperature rise supposedly caused by climate change  in Texas has allowed the mosquitos to move from Mexico to the UA.  50 cases of Malaria symptoms in the city of Saltillo, the situation is grave. 

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