By Erik Da Silva

The Malaria issue continues to expand. Mexico is reaching a concerning state with 3000 detected cases of mutated malaria. However the government estimates that the number of infected people is way higher as the population is not sufficiently educated about the symptoms.

 The US border was closed to protect American citizens from the disease. However, huge demonstrations occurred as many seek to escape the lethal virus. The Mexican demonstrators believe that the United States have better medical capabilities than Mexico, and therefore demand entrance to US soil as a last resort. The police forces are struggling to keep the masses under control. Many Maxicans, potentially contaminated, were shot down while trying to illegally entering the US.

The spread of mutated malaria continues in the United States and reaches the town of Columbus between the state of Georgia and Alabama. Currently the whole state of Alabama can is suitable for the spread of mutated malaria; and in fact there have been dozens of cases reported.

More cases were detected throughout Europe, mainly in the United Kingdom and France. Fortunately the good medical conditions keep malaria under control. Yet the fear that the disease shows up in a unprepared location keeps everyone on edge.