By Erik Da Silva

The leaked resolution of the European Council shows that this institution does not plan to truly help and rescue the European continent. Indeed, it plans to ban fracking for environmental issues. This shows how this committee is completely unaware of how Europe could be saved by fracking.

Indeed, fracking could save Europe’s economy. After having been severely struck by the financial crisis and then the debt crisis in 2008, their economy can’t seem to be able to come back from the dead. However, the continent roams with a new type of usable resource: shale gas. Taking advantage of that unexpected miracle would allow countries to access proper growth at last and end the economic turmoil.

Then, fracking would allow independence against Russia. The newly acquired energy autonomy of Europe would enable them to resist against the Russian blackmail about gas, end the Ukrainian crisis, and thus expanding the Western influence. Fracking leads to spreading democracy, as the West grows stronger and fulfills its mission of defending the universal American model of democracy.

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