By Philipp Grüll

 The russian government signed a contract with the Iraq administration concerning a shipment of weapons. These arms will support the Iraqi effort to defend against the imminent threat that is ISIS. Airstrikes by the alliance led by the United States of America did not have any significant effect on the Jihadist’s continous advance through central Iraq.

The list of exchanged goods reads as follows:

11 Su-35 Fighter Jets (900 Million Dollars)

4 Su-25 fighter jets (2.6 Billlion Dollars)

11 T90 Battle Tanks (440 Million Dollars)

44 second-hand T72 Battle Tanks (44 Million Dollars)

Unspecified Quantity of SHME Rocket Flamethrowers, AGS-30 Automatic Grenade Launchers and GP-25 and GP-30 Underbarrel Grenade Launchers.  (50 Million)

Delivered as soon as possible, including training on how to use this equipment by Russian military forces.

Sergey Lawrow: “With the great power of Russian weaponry, Iraq is now well prepared to combat ISIS on its territories”

Russia has furthermore announced to strengthen its traditionally strong military cooperation with Syria. 

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