By Philipp Grüll

MOSCOW - China, Russia and Brazil have announced to provide substantial military support to Kurdish forces in Iraq.

“Fighting ISIS does not require states to ask for the United States’ permission to join their coalition. The Kurdish people in Iraq are fighting bravely against the terrorists of ISIS and the BRICS states will remain steadfastly by their side”, said Sergei Lawrow, Foreign Minister of Russia. "In substitution for the absent prime minister of Iraq, the Minister of Oil has expressed her approval for the support of Russia, China and Brazil to the Kurdish fight against ISIS."

Russia has a long history of friendly relations with the Kurds, who still remember Moscow's support for the Kurdish Autonomous Republic declared in Mahabad (Iranian Kurdistan) on Jan. 22, 1946, as well as Russia giving refuge to Mulla Mustapha Barzani, the famous Iraqi Kurdish leader who crossed the Iranian-Soviet border on June 18, 1947, and then spent 12 years in Russia.