By Erik Da Silva

Malaria cases in Mexico have been skyrocketing lately. Due to a change in climate, the air temperature in Mexico has been continuously rising throughout the last decade. As a result, the living conditions have grown to be perfect for the mosquito that is responsible for the spread of the disease.

Poor hygienic conditions and a high population density supported a rash contamination. The disease is endemic in more than 100 countries, which visited more than 125 million travelers every year. From this point on, we must consider Mexico among those countries – and if we don’t take immediate action, the US could receive this label as well. Clearly immigration through the southern border must be stopped.

We barely handled the spread of Mexican immigrants, but when it comes protecting the health of American citizens, this is absolutely necessary. We need to control both animals and humans coming from down south, as they could bring with them the terrible insects.

This is exactly why Obama’s lash immigrant policy has clearly failed.

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