By Anna Zvagulis

 Islamic state militants have taken the city of Kirkuk in northwest Iraq and are moving down the Tigris River, sources say.

 KIRKUK – Until recently, there was hope that ISIS was on the run. No longer.

 Sources say that ISIS have conquered the northwestern Iraqi city of Kirkuk. After hours of fighting, the Jihadists flag was raised upon the city’s capitol.

 Activists say more than 1500 people have been killed since the jihadist group launched its assault in September.

 Just yesterday the Kurdish militia had made progress by gaining back 20% of the town of Kobane. This is opposed to the 40% ISIS had only three days before.

 Although world leaders have promised to step up support for Iraq, not enough has been done till now, experts say.

 Increasing numbers of jihadists are joining the battle, warns Pentagon spokesman Rear Admiral John Kirby. ISIS forces have begun moving southwards to the Tigris River.

 Meanwhile, the fight along the Tigris River has intensified, adding to the hundreds dead and wounded in the past month. The jihadists are said to be advancing on many smaller towns along the river, gaining more and more territory.

 The UN councils are in debate about further action. 

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