By Philipp Grüll

MOSCOW – As Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov predicted, ISIS launched an attack on Kirkuk this morning. The city is an important tactical target due to its oil supplies. Those would mean a significant advantage for ISIS military operations, should they succeed. Not to mention, their black market revenue would skyrocket further.

Additionally, another division of ISIS combatants seems to be moving down Tigris River. Their presumed goal is Miqdadiyah, a city of 298.000 inhabitants where ISIS blew up a Shia mosque in July. It is possible that the Jihadists plan to further expand their activities in this community.

A third division of ISIS militia has been reported to march in on Eupharates River. The battles in this region intensify further. Should ISIS be victorious this battle, they’re expected to salvage the Iraqi weaponry as has happened before, boosting their military strength further. 

So far, the airstrikes coming from the coalition led by the US did not show much effect. ISIS is still advancing, and the airstrikes themselves could be labeled an act of sovereignty infringement. 

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