By Philipp Grüll

An anonymous source leaked the Draft for the European Council resolution to RIA Novosti.

1. Internal Energy Market: Member states of the EU committed to establishing complete, internal energy markets by 2020

1.1 Advised by the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators, common standards are established by 2016 in preperation for connectivity

1.2 By 2020, various regional grids should be established

1.3 The established regional grids would be connected to each other by 2030

1.4 Financing to be determined later


2. Issue of fracking

2.1 The European Council calls upon the European Commission to propose legislation in order to ban fracking.

2.2 The banning refers specifically the action of fracking to extract oil and gas from shale sources.

2.3 The necessity of the ban comes from environmental concerns, and the European Council has come to the conclusion that it is an issue that can't be addressed domestically by its member states as the detrimental effects affects cross borders.

2.4 The European Council opens the ban up for reconsideration after 10 years should technological advancements and necessity dictate a reevaluation of the use of fracking.


3. Mid-term solutions for energy sources

3.1 The European Council seek to diversify its sources, through the pursuit of furthering the development of Nuclear energy.

3.2 The European Council want to pursue increased development of the infrastructure in relation to LNG terminals, in order to better cooperate with the United States, North Africa and Canada as a source of gas alternative to that of Russia and the Middle East.