By Chiana McLatchie

According to recent reports, ISIS troops have been moving south towards Kirkuk along both sides of the Tigris and Euphrates River. Kirkuk, a city north of Baghdad, houses several oil fields and water supplies and is rumoured to be ISIS’s next point of attack.

As a primarily anti-Western group, ISIS remains devoted to establish the region as an independent Islamic state. The rise of ISIS continues to raise fear as they seize land and oil supplies across Iraq and Syria. With ISIS now in control of more than half of Syria’s oil supplies, many estimate the group could be earning up to $3 million dollars daily off black market sales.

Fallujah, part of the Anbar province, was seized beginning of 2014 by ISIS, displacing an estimated 80,704 families. Now, as a potential target, Fallujah’s water and oil supplies may also be at stake.

The global community is concerned. The UN councils is in debate about further steps.

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