By Anna Zvagulis

The first GA session showed countries were completely dedicated to solving the pressing energy issues of this century.

From the very beginning, Brazil indicated that it has dedicated its “time, money and effort to achieving the MDGs,” and suggested a focus on “environmental sustainability and deforestation.”

The delegate of India announced, “not enough has been done,” and the United Arab Emirates was quick to propose that “access to secure energy sources is necessary,” with the USA speaking about seeking new alternative energies.

The Earth Charter initiative gave two inspirational speeches during the short committee session, promising to “fully lend its support to all countries trying to meet the MDGs.”

Furthermore, Germany also offered support for small and developing nations regarding energy crises.

China admitted it faces a conflict of energy consumption and renewable energy. The UK clearly indicated that renewable energy is “the most efficient.”

As an interesting turn, Italy suggested to focus on the eradication of Ebola, however the UK stated that it believed it was “not the GA’s role” to discuss these problems.

As a final closing statement, the Earth Charter initiative enthusiastically called nations to recognize national differences when looking to solve energy crises.