WebMUN2014 - Behind the Scenes

By Chiana McLatchie

Beautiful architecture, culture, art, and music are just some of the many reasons why people visit or stay in Vienna. As Webster’s Model UN approaches, many delegates both in Vienna and overseas, are undergoing preparations to make this WEBMUN a special one. With Vienna as the conference’s home base, it is only fair that we look into the city that has it all…

For the fourth consecutive years, MERCER has ranked Vienna as the city with the highest quality of life. The small Austrian capital, surpassed expectations as it beat 450 other cities around the world. The low crime rate is one of the many very important qualities, which makes Vienna so special.

For students, life in Vienna is also very affordable and easy. With the majority of Universities being public, tuition is practically free! The general infrastructure is another highlight; especially Vienna’s excellent public transport, with hosts over 4,500 stations serving commuters daily.

Politically, Austria is a stable democracy with only the occasional and quite harmless protest every now and then. This, alongside its very central location, is the reason why Vienna has become a hub for many international congresses. Not to mention the 3rd UN headquarters is just around the corner.

On the fun side of things, Vienna has a very thriving nightlife and music culture with many different clubs and bars. For a mere 2.50 euros, one can enjoy a nice cold Austrian beer.

Remember, when you take your next break, don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers.