WebMUN - Behind the Scenes

Realizing fiction

By Gili Perl

Sometimes, dry simulations may leave participants feeling underwhelmed or unimpressed.

With several intrinsic changes, Webster Vienna Private University’s first Model United Nations conference, called WebMUN, aims to turn this model on its head.

Organized almost exclusively by student efforts under the aegis of the Webster administration, the initiative was led by senior International Relations student Lucas Amorelli Ribeiro Kornexl, who will serve as the conference’s Secretary General.

In conceptualizing the event, Kornexl’s main goal was to make the convention as realistic as possible by giving students the opportunity to experience the working process of the UN, including the role of media in potentially influencing international developments.

Alongside four traditional committees (the European Council, OPEC, UN Security Council and UN General Assembly) focused on energy security issues, the Press Committee will consistently release functionalized but plausible news that will affect the direction of conference topics, thus setting the stage for debate in each committee.

Also new is Kornexl’s idea of the interconnectivity system, where each day of the event will conclude with an opportunity for all representatives to meet with each other and form allies and partners as desired.

The overall preparations to make the conference feel authentic have also been meticulous, involving student-prepared study guides, a syllabus for a class at Webster Vienna for the Press Committee members, as well as numerous articles, videos, photos and schedules produced in advance.

Kornexl was also able to recruit several sponsors for financial support and invite students from the Paris Institute of Political Science and Webster campuses in Geneva and Leiden who will also participate.

With more than 100 delegates representing 45 nationalities, the conference is gearing up to be closely reflective of the reality at play in the UN itself.