welcome to Webmun 2018!

19-22th October 2018

Organized by students at Webster Vienna Private University

About WebMUn 2018

WebMUN 2018 will be the fith edition of Webster University's MUN Conference. Located in Vienna's historic 2nd district, this conference will sure be a great experience and learning opportunity for all delegates. 

This year's conference will consist of 7 interconnected committees:

  • United Nations Security Council

  •  European Council


  • IMF

  • OPEC

  • Press Committee

  • Diplomatic Corps (non-assigned diplomats) 



The Complexity of Globalization and issues with Human rights

(with emphasis on economical Concerns in third world countries)



photo 4.JPG


In 2014, WebMUN invented the interconnectivity system, and we will make it even better this year. The composition of countries in the committees is similar, thus a country is represented in several committees. The delegates representing these countries will then meet to discuss and co-ordinate their efforts and policies. 

At WebMUN 2018 we are happy to once again have the Diplomatic Corps committee, aimed at making the interconnectivity aspect of the conference even more efficient and exciting. The diplomatic corps committee will consist of non-assigned diplomats for the most important countries.They will not be assigned to one of the other committees, but rather coordinate their country's efforts in all the various committees.

For example, the U.S. diplomat will be responsible for coordinating the action between the the French Ambassador in the Security Council, the French Delegate in the European Council and the French Representative in the IMF.


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