Webster Model United Nations (WebMUN) Conferences are organised the Webster Model UN Club at Webster Vienna Private University. Founded in 2013 by Dr. Elina Brutschin, the club was co-led by Lucas Amorelli Kornexl and Dennis Heumann. After attending conferences in France and Hungary, they decided to start their own MUN Conference to be hosted at Webster University in Vienna.


January 2013 - Webster Professor Dr. Elina Brutschin teaches class "Intro to MUN" and this class develops into the idea to found an MUN Club at Webster Vienna.

April 2013 - The recently created MUN Club sends their first official delegation to MedMUN 2013 hosted by Sciences Po in Menton, France

August 2013 - Webster students part of the MUN Club attend VIMUN, Vienna's only MUN Conference at the time.

May 2014  - Lucas Kornexl and Dennis Heumann first discuss the idea to organise a revolutionary MUN Conference at Webster Vienna. 

October 2014 -  Dr. Arthur Hirsh opens the first WebMUN Conference.

March 2015 - Delegation to NMUN New York

October 2015 - Webster Vienna's new director, Dr. Bern Marin opens WebMUN 2015

February 2016 - Delegation to NTUMUN Singapore

April 2016 - Delegation to MUNAPEST

October 2016 - WebMUN 2016 takes place

February 2017, Delegation to MainMUN

April 2017, Delegation to MUNAPEST

January 2019, Delegation to Warwick Congress 2019

Former Distinguished Members of the Model United Nations Club

Lucas Kornexl, Secretary General WebMUN 2014

Dennis Heumann, Secretary General WebMUN 2015, Head of Delegation to MedMUN 2013, Head of Delegation NMUN New York 2015, Head of Delegation NTUMUN Singapore 2016, Head of Delegation MUNAPEST 2016

Matthias Eder,  Head of Finance (2013-2016), Under Secretary General 2015

Sofia Lozovic, Secretary General 2016

Ava Novidi, Secretary General 2017

Maximilian Zangl, Secretary General 2018