Diplomatic Corps


The Diplomatic Corps usually is the collective body of foreign diplomats accredited to a particular country or body. At WebMUN 2017, delegates part of the diplomatic corps will serve as additional diplomats for important countries. They will not be assigned to one of the other committees, but rather coordinate their country's efforts in all the various committees. For example, the U.S. diplomat will be responsible for coordinating the action between the French Ambassador in the Security Council, the French Delegate in the European Council and the French Representative in NATO.

The non-assigned diplomats will have access to all committee rooms to which their country is accredited to, and may at invitation of other committees be invited to speak in their committees. There will be a special diplomat's lounge, which will be equipped with computers and room for personal meetings between diplomats. Refreshments will also be provided to non-assigned diplomats in this special meeting zone. 

During the scheduled interconnectivity sessions, the non-assigned diplomat leads the communication between the delegates and co-ordinates the constant communication between all the delegates of his/her country.

We invite all passionate MUNers who have already had experience at crisis conferences to apply for this new challenge. This is the first time that a conference will implement this system, and we are looking for very motivated students willing to help us establish this system. 


Note: Last year there was an overwhelming number of requests for the delegates of the Diplomatic Corps, so this year we will have several representatives for some countries, e.g. 3 North Korean representatives.

Countries available in this Committee:

Austria, China, Egypt, France, Germany, Iran, Russian Federation, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, EU - - other suggestions are welcome! 

Study Guides will be distributed via email.

Chairs in this Committee

This committee will be led and instructed by the Secretary General of WebMUN 2017 and the Crisis Director.