Welcome to WebMUN 2019 Delegate Registration. Please enter all your information below. You will receive a confirmation e-mail or a direct link to pay via PayPal once your registration has been recorded. Please note that this may take up three working days. 

Deadline for registration: Sep. 29th, 2019

Registration Process

1. Fill out the form found below.

2. Read through the liability release form.

3. Register as a delegate, chair or journalist. 

4. WebMUN will confirm your registration via e-mail.

5. Pay the 75€ (65€ for Webster students) registration fee using wire-transfer (information will be included in registration confirmation).

6. Choose your country (you will only be able to choose your country after paying the registration fee).

Note about Payment: WebMUN 2019 charges a 75 € registration fee, which includes all delegate information, social events, a traditional Austrian dinner & refreshments during the conference. It does not include accommodation, lunches or other dinners. Visit the payment tab for more information. Please note that you will have 10 working days to initiate the bank transfer, or your reservation will be cancelled.

Once you have received your confirmation please use wire-transfer for the payment. You will receive all necessary information in your registration e-mail.

Delegate/Journalist Registration

Please refer to Chair applications in case you want to apply for leadership positions.

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